About Me

About Me.


Adam Constanza | Freelance travel writer, video producer and photographer from Wellington, New Zealand and exploring the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, Papua New Guinea throughout 2017/2018.


An outdoor enthusiast with an eye for adventure and a love of active pursuits including hiking, cycling, snorkeling and exploring off the beaten track destinations which offer incredible landscapes, nature and wildlife.


Email me TODAY and let’s discuss any potential projects, opportunities and rates | TRAVELINSPIRED1@GMAIL.COM



Written articles | A range of writing styles including stories of outdoorsy pursuits, promotional material, destination/city/pursuit guides with helpful information and travel related articles inc. accommodation reviews, top 10 type articles and travel writer insight.


Photography | Are you seeking off the beaten track photographs of active pursuits, remote landscapes or cultural events? Throughout 2017/2018 I am located in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, Papua New Guinea and can provide freelance photography services to suit your needs. Equipment: Canon 650D, GoPro Session Hero 5.


Videography | Capture and production of short videos, ideal for promotional material to potential audiences via your website and/or YouTube. Check out my YouTube Channel for examples of the possibilities.


Participation | Would you like me to participate in an active pursuit and deliver follow-up promotional material? A new tourist attraction? New trail? Old trail? I am a keen hiker with an eye for adventure and a love of the outdoors, nature and wildlife.


Social Media Followers.


An organically grown, actively engaged following from across the world, especially Australia, UK, USA, Pacific Islands and New Zealand:


Facebook 7,400+ followers

Instagram | 1,250+ followers

Twitter | 850+ followers

YouTube | 7,000 views

Website | Average 1,500 page views per month on www.travelinspired.co.nz


Why Am I Here In Bougainville, PNG?


I am often asked ‘Why the Autonomous Region of Bougainville?’. An understandable question!

My partner and myself were looking for a change from our routine in Wellington, New Zealand (which we absolutely love by the way…). A volunteering role came up with New Zealand’s Volunteer Services Aboard (VSA) for which we applied. I say we, my partner applied and I as her accompanying partner. Anyway, before too long we were heading to Papua New Guinea!

This move allowed me to switch from my profession of a programme planner, working on large scale IT and Business Transformation programmes to pursue my passion of travel writing, videography and photographing in a full time capacity and in a untapped remote destination which promises so much.

Where Have You Seen My Work?


  • Air Niugini Paradise Magazine | OUT THERE: Wild Rivers & Waterfalls, Bougainville
  • Bougainville Haus Stori Sing Sing Cultural Competition Photography
  • Promoted by Wellington i-SITE | A Wellingtonians Definitive Guide to Wellington
  • Air Niugini Paradise Magazine | OUT THERE: Pokpok Island, Bougainville
  • Say Yes to Adventure | Cycling the South Island
  • The Dominion Post | Paekakariki to Pukerua Bay Trail, Kapiti Coast of New Zealand
  • The Press | Paekakariki to Pukerua Bay Trail, Kapiti Coast of New Zealand
  • Stuff / Fairfax Media | Paekakariki Bay Trail | Tips to Travel Lighter and Smarter | 18 Ways I Adapted to New Surroundings | The Bougainville Way

A Few Interesting Things About Me? 


  • My first band was ELO
  • My best car was a Ford Fiesta XR2
  • My go to food is pizza
  • My sport of choice is football
  • My best city is Wellington, New Zealand
  • My birthplace was Bristol, UK
  • My favourite hobby is hiking
  • My go to biscuit is McVitee’s Chocolate Digestive
  • My fave author is Bill Bryson
  • My hot drink of choice is a flat white coffee

Is there anything else you’d like to know? Simply ask and I’ll answer it (probably!) TRAVELINSPIRED1@GMAIL.COM


And finally, a HUGE thank you!


Thank you to everyone who has visited www.travelinspired.co.nz, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

To everyone who has read an article, watched a video, seen one of my photographs, whether it was online, in a newspaper or a magazine. You’ll never know how much I appreciate it!

Here’s to many more adventures!

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