The Travel Buzz

The Travel Buzz. When I started preparations for a year-long stay in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea, I had a reoccurring thought – this would be the first time I would be “travelling” by living in just one town for a whole year; would I get … Read more

Crabs Are On The Loose!

The sound of laughter spread throughout the back of the tarpaulin covered 4 x 4 truck. Fellow passengers shuffled positions in the crammed public motor vehicle to get a glimpse of the guy in the far corner. ‘Crabs, crabs, the crabs have escaped!’ I yelled to no one in particular. I … Read more

18 Ways I Adapted to New Surroundings

18 Ways I Adapted to New Surroundings

You’ll probably already utilise a number of these ways I adapted to new surroundings, without even thinking about it. After arriving in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville from New Zealand just six weeks ago for a year long stay, it suddenly hit me that I had adapted. My surroundings felt … Read more

Friendship sparks in Bougainville

New friends seem to come along in spurts. I can go for months or even years feeling like i’ve developed zero new friends and then all of a sudden, the friendship spark ignites and I’m forming new relationships left, right and centre. A month into my year in the Autonomous Region … Read more

Chabai, Bougainville | International Volunteer Weekend

New Video: 25 + volunteers from across the globe including Australia, Japan, Austria and New Zealand, all working on the island of Bougainville came together recently to help celebrate International Volunteer Day with the sisters and locals of the village of Chabai – enjoy this montage of our weekend on the incredible Bougainville, Papua New Guinea.

One Month of Island Life – Part 2

Part 2  |  End of December 2016 We’ve been in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville for over a month now. It really doesn’t feel like it. I’ve mentioned this to the other volunteers on the island who’ve all replied with a similar response of ‘yes, our first month went quickly … Read more

The Bougainville Way

Nem bilong mi Adam. Yu Orait?  Some things never change and my ability to quickly grasp foreign languages is one of them. I struggled to progress pass the basics of French at high school – introductions, where I live and how many brothers I have. 20 years later, this trait remains … Read more