What does a content creator pack for an island getaway?

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Becoming a TRAVEL WRITER and how to get MORE ARTICLES published

Video | BECOMING A TRAVEL WRITER AND HOW TO GET MORE ARTICLES PUBLISHED. Over the past few years I’ve been transitioning my job towards becoming a travel writer, blogger, vlogger and content creator. This is what I’ve learned. 

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BEST GoPro Hero 5 BLACK Settings for VIDEO – Field of view

Video |Β The BEST GoPro Hero 5 BLACK Settings for VIDEO – Field of View (FoV)Β | Have you ever wondered how the various different field of view (FoV) / focal length camera settings look and differ on the GoPro Hero 5 Black?

Well, wonder no more! In this video, I check out the 5 available options of narrow, linear, medium, wide and superview. I put them all to the test in Papua New Guinea (where I’m living and working) and explain when I might use them and my personal preferences.

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