Travelling Papua New Guinea – Trekking through Rotokas in Bougainville

I head into the mountains of Rotokas, Papua New Guinea for 3 days of trekking in Bougainville – through remote villages surrounded by volcanoes, waterfalls, sulphur springs and rainforest for an experience of a lifetime. Along the way I also get a fascinating glimpse into the Rotokas way of life thanks to Rotokas Ecotourism and local Bougainvillians – This is an independent video by Adam Constanza of Travel Inspired – – I am not sponsored by Rotokas Ecotourism.

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The Remote Gem of Lake Eruovi aka Billy Mitchell in Bougainville

Article | THE REMOTE GEM OF LAKE ERUOVI AKA BILLY MITCHELL IN BOUGAINVILLE. The volcanic crater lake ofΒ Eruovi as it’s known by the locals and… Read More