Kieta RIGU LAGOON WW2 & Waterfall – Bougainville Walk, Papua New Guinea

Video | Bougainville Walk – Hidden away in Kieta in Bougainville, Papua New Guinea is RIGU LAGOON. A historically insightful tour of Rigu lagoon, including Japanese WW2 relics, stories about crocodiles, shell collecting for currency and a magical waterfall. Read More

Heading to Topinang for a swim, Bougainville – Papua New Guinea

Video | HEADING TO BOUGAINVILLE VILLAGE TOPINANG FOR A SWIM | ARoB, Papua New Guinea. It’s 32c and reaching 90% humidity when a friend text to say they’re heading up to the Bougainville village of Topinang, Bougainville for a swim in the river to cool off. You just don’t turn down these opportunities for a swim in Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, so lets do this – what could possibly go wrong!?

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