Five Movies Which Made Me Want to Travel
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Five Movies Which Made Me Want To Travel

You wouldn’t naturally classify all of these movies as travel related. However, the following five movies all gave me that urge to hit the road and take an adventure. Each of them offered something unique – gorgeous destinations, unique terrains, beautiful backdrops, journeys into the unknown, chance encounters and magical memorable moments – everything you could possibly want from a movie and travel alike.

Five Movies Which Made Me Want To Travel.

Captain Fantastic | 2016Five Movies Which Made Me Want To Travel

What’s It About?

A father (Viggo Mortensen), mother (Trin Miller) and their six children live a self-sustainable and alternative lifestyle in the Pacific Northwest. They grow their own food, hunt and are home schooled whilst living an active existence of running, climbing and embracing their natural surroundings. When an unexpected death in the family occurs, the family set off on a journey to the funeral in a converted bus – resulting in an adventurous trip, giving them an insight into a life of convenience, exuberance and differing opinions. A trip which will test the family relationships and open their eyes to a life of possibilities.

Why I Loved This Movie

It makes me want to instantly fill my backpack and head out on a hike whilst watching some of the active, outdoor and wilderness scenes, where the family push their mental and physical limits. Also, whilst the family are travelling in their beautifully converted bus, my mind wanders back to fond memories of 2004 when I was living and travelling in a campervan in Australia. The movie has a earthy, low-key feel about it and he lead role is beautifully played by Viggo Mortensen, a man who’s trying his best to do the right thing for his family but not without struggles. The children all have their own unique identities and characters – adding colour and energy to every scene. And finally, I absolutely love the music and final singing scene is fantastically moving.

The Trip | 2010Five Movies Which Made Me Want To Travel

What’s It About?

Steve (Steve Coogan) is on a break from his girlfriend and hits the road to critic restaurants in Northern England, convincing his ‘friend’ Rob (Rob Brydon) to join him. Their somewhat low key, down to earth trip doesn’t appear to be quite hitting the spot for either party – as they throw amusing quips back and forth, engage in bizarre conversations and get super competitive with impressions of well-known people. Their journey perfectly captures both the delights of randomness and routine which comes with travel and really showcases the north of England with unique landscapes, mixed weather conditions and delightful encounters.

Why I Loved This Movie

This movie beautifully reflects the true nature of travel. It’s not action packed every minute of every day but every now and again they’ll be a special moment – a fantastic hike, a unique terrain, a delicious meal or a chance meeting with someone to whom you connect. The time in-between those moments are filled with more ‘normal’ periods of simply being in the car, checking into a guesthouse or just chatting with a friend. All of those elements are spot on in this movie and any traveller out there will appreciate them.

Up | 2009Five Movies Which Made Me Want To Travel

What’s It About?

An elderly man, Carl (Edward Asner) decides to partake in an adventure of a lifetime – moving his home to Paradise Falls in Venezuela, South America. During the somewhat unconventional method of moving and much to his surprise, a young child called Russell (Jordan Nagai) is discovered aboard. Russell is keen to earn his scouts ‘helping the elderly’ badge and offers to help. After a frosty start, their relationship quickly blossoms as they meet some unexpected characters, challenges and hurdles on their idyllic adventure.

Why I Loved This Movie

Whilst reminiscing about travels it’s more  often than not, the relationships which developed on the road, that make me smile. In this movie, a relationship is formed, which, although it doesn’t seem to work at the start, quickly becomes something very special. The movie makes me want to take an adventure, meet people and venturing into the unknown. It makes me feel happy and it has a beautiful ending.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty | 2013Five Movies Which Made Me Want To Travel

What’s It About?

Life magazine is publishing its final edition. Walter Mitty (Ben Stiller) is the negative assets manager, a day dreamer and lives a comfortable life, however, this turns upside down when he cannot find the requested image to grace the front cover. After a series of clues and help from his work colleague Cheryl (Kristen Wiig), Walter sets off to find the photographer Sean O’Connell, who’s believed to be in Greenland. I love the long boarding scene in Greenland – it’s absolutely beautiful! The clues keep coming and Walter keeps moving from place to place, adventure after adventure in fabulous landscapes and passion fuelled, live life to the maximum moments. Eventually, it turns out Sean is in the Himalayas photographing snow leopards, resulting into another pursuit of equally intrepid measures, gorgeous terrains and reflective moments of clarity.

Why I Loved This Movie

The perfect mix of day to day life, chance meetings, adventures and fantasy filled thoughts, which blend perfectly in an epic journey. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty does a fantastic job of showcasing Greenland and Iceland and leaves me wanting to book a flight instantly. As a photographer, the fact he’s chasing a photographer through these incredible destinations to seek his work is fantastic too – something you always hope for but rarely happens! I can’t recommend this film highly enough.

Monsters | 2010Five Movies Which Made Me Want To Travel

What’s It About?

Andrea, a journalist (Scott McNariy) is in Mexico hoping for a shot of the invading aliens. However, a phone call from his boss results in a change of course, as he’s asked to escort his employer’s daughter Sam (Whitney Able) to a safe zone at the US border. The two of them set out on a journey into the unknown as they make their way through dangerous yet spectacular destinations including small Mexican towns, ancient rainforest engulfed temples and spectacular backdrops of Belize, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica and the United States. Impressively, this was achieved for a budget of less than half a million pounds and shot on location.

Why I Loved This Movie

To be honest, I had little expectations of this movie, yet it really surprised me and that’s why I loved it. After a testing start to their friendship the two lead characters become closer and closer, whilst they travel via train, boat, truck and by foot to their destination. Some of the locations really make me want to visit, from small, tequilla drinking Mexican towns, winding rivers, dense rainforest and hidden temples.

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