The Ultimate Checklist When Your Move Takes You Far Away To Another Country

Guest Article | THE ULTIMATE CHECKLIST WHEN YOUR MOVE TAKE YOU FAR AWAY TO ANOTHER COUNTRY. Moving is tough. A move from one placeΒ to another is difficult and stressful. When you find yourself needing to move across the globe, it can be overwhelming. Even minor inconveniences like a luggage delay could inspire a meltdown if we are already wound too tight from this adventure. Let us provide some tips that just might help you get through this.

Keep a sense of humor

  • Things happen. There are few things that happen that do not have a solution. You have to deal with the issues one way or another. So, you can let it stress you out, or you can shrug it off and deal with it. The end results are the same.

About 3-6 months before your departure

  • Advise your children’s school of your plans and request their transfer papers and a record of their records.
  • Make a doctors appointment for yourself and your family. Pick up copies of your family medical records. Tell your doctor your plan and schedule the dates for required immunizations.
  • Take care of any dental work that is needed.
  • Have your vet brought up to date and find out if your pet will have to have special shots and how they will need to travel
  • Make sure everyone in the family has a valid passport and visa.
  • Check with the country where you are moving, about a driver’s license

The Ultimate Checklist When Your Move Takes You Far Away To Another Country

Color code boxes

  • Make a list showing which color belongs where, for example, kitchen items = blue. If it cost more to move it across the globe, think about donating it.

Buy, Sell, Donate, Discard

  • Decide what you are going to sell, donate and discard. There are some things you simply must keep. Those things can be shipped to your destination. But other things you own, you may not have touched in years. You have to ask yourself if it is important enough to pay to have it sent to your new destination? Having a garage sale or selling online could earn you the money to replace some of these items when you reach your new home.

If the move is temporary and you’re going to return

  • If you plan on returning to your current home in the future, you need to set up a power of attorney to handle things while you are away.

The Ultimate Checklist When Your Move Takes You Far Away To Another Country


  • Go to your bank and be sure they can accommodate your financial needs while you are away. Do they have international banking, international direct deposit, and online services that will allow you to track your accounts internationally? If they do not, you need to find one that does.


  • Unless someone close to you will be staying at the home, you probably need to put in a change of address card with the postal service. However, it is still a good idea to contact all your creditors and arrange a direct withdrawal payment arrangement to protect your credit rating. Monitor these accounts online monthly to ensure no one is charging things to your account while you are away.

While the move is by no means easy. A little planning and preparation will go a long way in making your transition a smooth one.

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