Visual tour of Dili in Timor Leste

Photos | Let’s take a visual tour around Dili, the Capital of Timor Leste, for a glimpse of everyday sights and life in the city in 2019, as well as some of Dili’s most recognisable landmarks including Cristo Rei, Motael Church and many markets.

A popular Dili fruit and vegetable market on R. JosΓ© Maria Marques.
Local oranges neatly stacked at the market.
Corn, bananas, oranges and other produce for sale.
Corn is readily available at the Taibesi market.
A cockerel on a lead, a common sight throughout Timor Leste.
Market stalls near the Taibesi Market.
Motael Church, the oldest Catholic church in Timor Leste.
Centro de informacao turistica aka the tourist information centre in Dili.
Dili’s most recognisable landmark; Cristo Rei.
The white sand beach known as Back Beach. It’s at the back of the Cristo Rei statue.
A glimpse of huts where people hang out in the evenings and weekends.
Ready for practice. But first to watch a news report about Timorese cricket.
A young boy watches the youth cricket team practice.
Youth cricket in Dili, Timor Leste
The historically significant Santa Cruz cemetery.
Bananas for sale.
A gathering at Fatima’s Cafe, a popular Dili coffee shop.
Electricity cables barrack
Dili Rock. You’ve officially arrived at the city when you see this.
A modern version of a traditional Timorese house at Independence Park, Tasitolu.
Local stalls and hangout place at Independence Park, Tasitolu.
A typical Dili sight of a dog (asu) seeking out its next meal.
Santa Cruz Massacre Memorial Monument opposite Motael Church
Workers waiting for cruise ship passengers to arrive at the Dili port.
Greeting people to the shores of Timor Leste.
Waiting for the boat to leave Dili for Atauro Island.
Manleuana second hand clothes market. Many treasures to be found, it just takes time.
Clothes, not money, grow on trees.
The raw materials, ready and waiting.
A skilled weaver at work at Alola Foundation.
The finished produce. A locally produced tais shoulder bag from Alola Foundation.
Passion fruit. Need I say more?
Areia Branca Beach, Dili. You could be seating in these chairs!

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