The Sights And Sounds Of Timor Leste | 1.5 Years Of Living, Working & Many Adventures

Video | I lived, worked and took many an adventure during my 1.5 years in one of the world’s youngest countries, Timor Leste. Now, back in New Zealand, my mind often drifts back to the sights and sounds of Timor Leste…

Hi, I’m Adam Constanza, freelance digital content creator living and working in Wellington, New Zealand, supporting local businesses with all their video, photo and social media needs. 

Adam Constanza

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  1. Great videos Adam! Andy Kimber from Wangaratta, Victoria here. We are Friends Of Lacluta and – we visit TL every year (not 2020?) and know many of the places you have visited! Our neighbours in the North east of Victoria are Friends Of Atauro!! We think that who ever allocated the Friends groups (31 exist) had great friends in Beechworth but must have been eaten a nasty hamburger in Wangaratta! FOA of course have a strong relationship with Atauro and Barry etc (which we visit) but they have never visited or very isolated community in Viqueque District! So Adam we would love you to visit the very special place called Lacluta – it was a very important place in ancient times but being the centre of resistance against the Indos in the late 70’s and early 80’s – it was badly damaged – so many great stories, amazing limestone mountains (guerilla “paradise) plus very spiritual springs and incredibly brave resilient people who need visitors!!

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